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eBook Functionality
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The special features built into each ebook are part of what make Our Book Blog unique. They are designed to teach readers to think about their reading, build knowledge as they read, respond thoughtfully and cohesively to their reading, and think like an author.

  • clickable in-book questions that can be answered at point of use
  • audio support with synced text highlighting
  • selectable book text that can be copied/pasted as text evidence
  • bookmarking and note-taking tools
  • interactive vocabulary words (pop-up definitions
  • content is searchable by word
  • interactive table of contents and index
  • CCSS correlation included for each in-book question

Our Book Blog includes access to an online blog and communication system that is designed specifically around the content and skills of the program. It is a closed virtual community that is limited to a teacher and his or her class of students. Through the use of social media, students become engaged in deep conversations about books in powerful ways made possible by technology.

  • participate in or view results of a class poll
  • read a summary of their assigned book
  • respond to Time to Blog questions
  • view other group members' responses (after posting their own response)
  • comment on other group members' blog posts
  • respond to blog questions created by the teacher
  • access their current ebook
  • view archives of past group blogs
  • approve or reject student blog posts
  • add their own comments to the blog
  • delete any inappropriate student posts (even if previously approved)

For teachers, Our Book Blog is a safe, monitored forum for online discussion. Teachers have complete control over the content of the blog. They can choose to moderate all student responses and comments before they are posted. Alternatively, teachers can allow student blog responses to be posted without prior approval, providing for more immediate and fluid communication among the group. The system is designed to be flexible according to the needs of each class.

  • access ebooks
  • view group assignments
  • access group blogs
  • view the blog of a selected group

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